Sarah Roberts is a 17 year old from Chickamauga, Georgia. She is pregnant by her boyfriend, Blake. Blake, a high school dropout, lives with Sarah and her mother as a result of problems with his own family. Blake and Sarah's mother do not get along because Sarah's mother feels that he is disrespecful and because he does not contribute anything, financially or otherwise, to the household. He only works a few hours a week and spends most of his free time playing video games. The ongoing tension between Blake and Sarah's mother leads to regular arguments. They make peace and try to get along in the weeks before the birth. Sarah's and Blake's daughter, Tinleigh Louise Thomas, is born via Cesarean section June 18, 2011 at 6lbs, 14oz and 19 inches long. Blake's relationship with Sarah and her mother erodes quickly after the Tinleigh's birth. He starts working full time and is no help with the baby. When he is not working, he is sleeping or out with his friends, and he contributes nothing financially to the baby or the household. The final straw is, a few weeks after the birth, when he buys new wheels for his truck even though he has never put any money towards the baby. He and Sarah's mother have it out one final time, and he heads south to pursue his dream of working on a shrimp boat. In a final phone call, Sarah tells Blake she wishes he was dead. In the interview at the end of the episode, Sarah is very sad about how her life turned out. If she'd known things would have ended up this way, she wouldn't have even had sex, much less a baby.