Brandon and Teresa Davis
Teresa, Brandon, and Carly


North Carolina


Carly (Adoptive Daughter)
Graham (Adoptive Son)



Brandon and Teresa are the adoptive parents of Carly. Carly is the biological daughter of Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra from Michigan.

Since adopting Carly Elizabeth, they have made her a big sister by adopting a little boy, Graham. The family resides in North Carolina.

Both adoptions are open adoptions, they have a visit with each child's biological parents annually and they also send updated pictures of each child every 6 months to the biological parents.

Brandon and Teresa originally wanted a closed adoption until meeting Catelynn and Tyler, whom changed their minds because they connected right away. Due to Teen Mom OG's success, Carly's parents don't want her filmed anymore to give her privacy. Tyler and Carly's parents clashed over Ty posting a video of Carly because it included updated pictures of Carly which was against Brandon and Teresa's wishes. During a sit down they brought everything out into the open about why Brandon and Teresa felt violated when Tyler posted the video. They talked it out but each side seemed to stand strong in their beliefs. I agree with Teresa on this, she says "The child is biologically yours, but in every other way she is our child." She doesn't want anyone other then themselves to post pictures of their children. After the talk, Catelynn and Tyler got a visit with Carly.