Aliannah and Aleeah Simms
Aliannah and Aleeah

Birth names

Aliannah Hope & Aleeah Grace Simms


Elkview, West Virginia


December 16 2009 (Age 8)


Leah Messer (Mother)
Corey Simms (Father)
Adalynn Calvert (Half Sister)



Aliannah Hope ("Ali") and Aleeah Grace ("Gracie") Simms, born December 16, 2009, are the twin daughters of Leah Messer and Corey Simms. Aliannah was born with many medical problems but has shown signs of improvement. She was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy, which, prior to Ali's diagnosis, had only been identified in adults. Luckily, despite doubts, Ali is able to walk. She does use a wheelchair for long distances. Aleeah is involved in cheerleading. Their parents Leah and Corey were married but have since divorced. Both Leah and Corey remarried, so the girls have a stepfather, Jeremy, and a stepmother, Miranda. They also have a little sister, Adalynn, who is the child of Leah and Jeremy and was born on February 4, 2013.